95% of all small businesses get started with financing. PNG is pleased to offer you the opportunity to finance up to 100% of your business start up cost. Simply apply below!

Step 1: Check your FICO credit score with Credit Karma. CLICK HERE (no charge & no impact to your credit):

Free Credit Report Free Credit Score. No Credit Card Required.

Step 2: Finance Your Start-Up.

3rd Party Lenders (min. 640 FICO Required)

PayPal Credit – Click Here (Must already have an existing & active PayPal account)

Prosper – Click Here

Lending Club – Click Here

AmOne – Click Here


Apply For a Credit Card. You can apply with any credit card lender. Here are a couple that we’ve had success getting members approved with:

Capital One Bank – Click Here

Chase Bank – Click Here

Discover IT – Click Here

NOTE: PNG has no influence with these lenders. Your ability to acquire financing, the amount you qualify for and the terms of the loan are solely based on your credit history, credit score and ability to repay the loan as determined by the lender.