The Prosperity Nexus Group Mission Statement: To provide leadership, systems, support, resources and products focused on coaching our members to true financial and lifestyle freedom.

Prosperity Nexus Group was officially launched in January 2014. We’re a marketing & support team comprised of industry top earners who have formed a mastermind to help each other succeed as independent business owners with our amazing opportunity. We are made up of a group of entrepreneurs working together to support each other while earning an executive level income. We have chosen to work our own unique businesses from home or from anywhere we have an internet connection and phone service. We are NOT a company. There is no headquarters somewhere on a street corner. We are an ASSOCIATION of like-minded business leaders pooling our knowledge and offering support to one another.

We believe in the highest level of integrity and, for that reason, the support you will have when you get involved in business with us will be unlike ANYTHING you have ever experienced before. People pay thousands of dollars for the “income-generating” training you’ll receive when you get started, which includes personal 1-on-1 training & support, access to a comprehensive members-only training site and a 24/7 Skype mastermind room where you can ask for help around the clock. You will also have access to our PROPRIETARY marketing system, lead generation systems, live webinars and team calls and other team-only resources. We’ll even help close your sales for you! As a member of the Prosperity Nexus Group you will be surrounded by successful, like-minded, and caring people who will be there to assist you every step of the way!

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In addition to the pre-packaged digital information products with lifetime resale licenses, Prosperity Nexus Group Members receive these values, and more, as part of their monthly $24.95 Membership Fee: