This Disclaimer sets forth the legally binding terms for your use of the Prosperity Nexus Group’s (PNG) Products and/or Services. You are only authorized to use the Prosperity Nexus Group’s Products and/or Services if you agree to abide by all the terms that are part of this Agreement. If you wish to purchase a Tidom/Pure Profit Pro product package within the Prosperity Nexus Group and make use of the Prosperity Nexus Group’s Services, you must read these terms in their entirety and agree to the same.

You understand that the Prosperity Nexus Group is a marketing & support team for TiDom Inc. & Pure Profit Pro business owners. When starting your TiDom/Pure Profit Pro business as a part of our Prosperity Nexus Group marketing team, you are purchasing the Master Resale Rights to the product suite PLUS the additional training, support, coaching, websites and sales funnels and any other services provided by the Prosperity Nexus Group.

You understand that commissions are earned by re-selling the digital product packages OR the entire business opportunity AND the system to market the business to other entrepreneurs.

By starting your business with us, you are making the exciting decision to become an entrepreneur. You WILL own your own business! It is NOT free to start. You will be investing money to start YOUR business by purchasing one of the business options and the accompanying License Agreement. At PNG, we are all independent business owners and the income that YOU make is determined by your own personal motivation, work ethic, and willingness to plug into our system, training and resources. Any mention of income on our website, in our testimonials or in conversation you have with one of our team members ONLY represents the income being made by those individuals and does not represent any sort of guarantee. You may make more, less or none at all. We will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful but it is ultimately up to you to make it happen!

The “average” PNG member appears to never take their business ownership seriously and does next to nothing to promote it to make money. They even fail to log in to their training site regularly (at http://prosperitynexus.com) or attend the weekly training meetings and webinars. Do not be average! Make sure you do not turn into a statistic… plug into our training and resources and continue to grow as an entrepreneur, as well as attend all of the weekly training calls or watch the replays.

Some PNG members have generated significant commissions, while others have generated no commissions at all. Results vary widely, and depend entirely on the individual doing the promoting. A strong work ethic and focusing on sales producing activities (eg. placing ads & following up with prospects) are essential. We are excited about the income potential our PNG/TIDOM Compensation Plan offers.

PNG has no knowledge of your individual business experience or expertise. PNG does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our business opportunity.

Your relationship with the Prosperity Nexus Group is not that of an employee or a partner relationship. You are an Independent Contractor or licensee, therefore responsible for your own taxes, fillings, book keeping, etc.

Cross-Recruiting is not allowed. Any solicitation of another business by a Prosperity Nexus Group member to another Prosperity Nexus Group member is prohibited and is subject to the immediate suspension of your Prosperity Nexus Group account without warning.

Sponsor shopping is not allowed. If a prospect shares with a sales agent or licensee that they have been contacted by another sales agent or licensee of the Prosperity Nexus Group by email, text, or a call in last 120 days, they must refer them back to the sales agent or licensee who originally told them about the Prosperity Nexus Group.

Every sales agent must use the Prosperity Nexus recommended marketing systems and sales funnels. This will assure the sales agents best chance for success and the marketing systems does its best to prevent sponsor shopping. The recommended marketing system all Prosperity Nexus Group members must use is the “marketing system” (http://prosperitynexus.net). A sales agent or licensee must have an account and run all his leads thru this marketing system before a sale can be processed. This is done so to prevent sponsor shopping and give sales agent or licensee best chance to succeed with this program.

Because our products are digital AND you’ll instantly have access to proprietary Prosperity Nexus Group information, we have a strict NO REFUND policy. If you are not sure you want to start your business with us, we recommend you wait until you’re sure or decide it’s not for you. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.