“Get Business Opportunity Seeker Leads Sent To Your Inbox!”

This is a “Done For You” marketing service available for Prosperity Nexus Group Members ONLY. Let PNG Leadership do your marketing for you. Just buy your share(s) and sit back and receive leads straight into your contact management system/autoresponder. All of these leads will have expressed an interest in starting a home business and will have opted in to your lead capture page. 

For this CO-OP, we’re going to use a vendor that will send out SMS/Text marketing messages to people’s cell phones. Each CO-OP participant will be placed in our rotator and, while there are never any guarantees with marketing, all CO-Op participants will receive an equal opportunity for opt-in leads. We will monitor the stats for optimum results. 


Please pay for your share(s) in the Marketing CoOp using the PayPal button below. The fee for 1 share is $100.00 and payment will show as being made to Eagle Management & Development Corp. 


**We are pooling your funds with other CO-OP participants to purchase advertising. Because we are pre-purchasing the advertising, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS**